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A premier website needs to fulfill several requirements. It needs to look great, function even better and meet user and client expectations. Nailing all of those requirements takes a lot of experience, planning, and execution. Our team of developers has mastered all three pieces and exists as a problem-solving resource for our clients. Spyder Trap’s skilled developers build modular and reusable code without ceilings to provide for continued scalability and ease-of-use.


Our developers are experts in their craft. All of our talented front end and backend web developers work together in our Minneapolis office, collaborating on projects from small business websites to robust enterprise-level software integrations. Our web development team is the true embodiment of code meeting creativity—not just implementing best practices, but shaping them. 

Spyder Trap’s web developers are experienced in numerous coding languages and tools to meet the demands of any project. The team’s deep and diverse project experience leads to fewer surprises and more solutions. Our team leverages modern technologies and future-proof techniques to build responsive websites that help businesses meet their goals.

Our Development Services Include:

  • End-to-end development
  • SEO friendly markup
  • User friendly content management
  • Responsive framework
  • Custom web applications
  • Native iOS and Android app development
  • Third-party and API integration
  • Web hosting

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Spyder Trap’s development team creates modular, scalable, and reusable code that is elegantly crafted to deliver compelling experiences while accommodating evolving business requirements.

Joe Barhorst, Spyder Trap Development Team Manager

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