Responsive Web Design 

Device-agnostic. Mobile-friendly. Search-optimized.

Your website is the beating heart and central hub of all your digital marketing efforts. It's where you foster trust with your customers, build a digital brand, gather data and communicate your unique value as an organization. It's also where you sell. And in order to do that well, your website must offer content that performs optimally on a multitude of devices, as well as rank across a variety of search engines.

Responsive Web Design & Development

So, what's Responsive web design (RWD)? RWD is a web design and development technique that allows developers to build future-proof web experiences that respond to specific device dimensions. Instead of building separate mobile, tablet and desktop sites, Responsive allows us to use a single set of code. This code is built to respond nimbly to the user's chosen device. 

Spyder Trap has built dozens of websites utilizing Responsive Web Design methodologies. With these future-proof techniques, our ambitious team of developers, designers, content strategists and marketers capably transform websites into destinations and platforms that help brands thrive. With a mix of CSS3HTML5, JavaScript, and JQuery, our Responsive web design services can help you stand out in the marketplace. 



Our Responsive Web Design Services Include:

  • Custom design, content creation and development 
  • User Experience + Usability Testing
  • Custom WordPress blog design
  • Interactive user interfaces with JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5
  • Easy to use, functional content management experience
  • Back-end development and ecommerce integration


Why Responsive? Think of all the devices you use on a regular basis to consume content. You'd expect the same content and user experience no matter if it's on your TV, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. You can easily see why the need for Responsive web design is so obvious.

Jeff Wagner, Spyder Trap Creative Director

Content Management Systems

Responsive web design is just one of the components to consider when planning your digital marketing. Even with planning, managing your website's content can be daunting. If poorly planned, content management can prove disastrous and require countless hours of revisions and time. Having control of your website's content with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) is crucial to the success of any organization looking to differentiate their products or services and leverage a responsive web experience.

Spyder Trap Content Management

Whether you're building on WordPress, Concrete5, Joomla or any other Content Management System, the Spyder Trap development team can help you best leverage your content and customize an experience for your customers. These days, few organizations have the time or money to create a content management system from scratch. Whether your CMS is new, old, built from scratch or yet nonexistent,  our team can build and customize a rock-solid solution. 

Our CMS services transform websites into influential marketing and business tools by providing:

  • Web-based, hosted CMS access from any Internet connection
  • Flexible and scalable for any size website or any type of functionality
  • CMS platform options for Drupal, Concrete5, Site Management Console and WordPress
  • Training and support 

Web Hosting + Managed Services

Even the most brilliant websites, applications and web experiences can get bogged down due to slow server speed. That's why we host nearly all of our client's web properties ourselves. We wish to ensure that you experience minimal downtime, optimal web speed and complete security. Spyder Trap offers clients the following web hosting and management services:  

  • Web hosting, domain and DNS management services
  • E-commerce and CMS hosting
  • Virtual servers, dedicated servers and custom hosting solutions
  • Customized security and redundancy options