User Experience

Behaviors. Attitudes. Interfaces. 

Our success as a top digital-only marketing firm hinges on our ability to create digital experiences that satisfy a specific set of users. In designing for the perfect user experience (UX) we translate attitudes, behaviors and emotions into user flows, wireframes and interfaces. Whether it's a website, web application, mobile app, social media platform — or some combination of them all — we believe design should put the right content in front of the right user in the simplest fashion possible.

User Experience Design (UX) 

We design and develop user-centric products, staying ahead of an evolving digital landscape by structuring our UX team around collaboration. Despite the fact that the process behind UX design is highly structured, the reality can end up being organic and highly collaborative. In our design process, we bring application flows and wireframes to life. Our highest priority is meeting the needs of the intended users. Of course, we also account for the taste profile, brand and opinion of our clients—who remain active partners in our collaborative process. 

Each and every user experience project requires a thorough knowledge of the end user’s behaviors, needs and motivations. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, Spyder Trap collects and prioritizes the data most likely to impact features and outcomes of the project.

Our UX Services Include: 

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Persona development
  • Competitive analytics
  • Competitive mood boards
  • Content mapping
  • Sketching & wireframing
  • User flows
  • Clickable prototyping
  • Usage testing (heat mapping, eye tracking, & more)
  • A/B & Quality Assurance testing

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Why User Experience? Design’s purpose is to delight and entertain your users. A good user experience strategy minimizes headaches, hassle and frustration. A bad user experience is always more memorable than a good one. We aim to create experiences that are so intuitive that the user doesn’t even notice the interface is there.

Ben Wood, Spyder Trap Lead Creative Designer

User Experience Design (UX)

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