We realize that challenges arise that can’t be solved through standard digital marketing and web development. Unique challenges to your individual company might not have straightforward solutions. Our talented strategists love diving into the unknown and using their expertise to develop, recommend and implement solutions to these seemingly impossible problems. Even when problems themselves are less evident, we work to find process inefficiencies that we can address head on to improve your bottom line. Our dedicated team in Minneapolis exists to save you time and money in defining problems and offering tailored solutions.


Our Solutions Engineering team thrives in turning challenges into opportunities for companies of any size. Every project gets hands-on attention from the research phase all the way through post-launch. Certified developers and experienced strategists collaborate together with the client to create the most effective roadmap to success.

You have goals to meet and we have the experienced team to help you reach them. We collaborate closely with our clients to learn the ins and outs of their business. We leverage that intimate knowledge to research and design the most effective digital solutions. The added value of our Solutions Engineering team is that we’re able to use the entire suite of digital marketing services that Spyder Trap offers at a scale that your business needs.

Our Solutions Engineering services include: 

  • System and technology audits
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Collaborative and agile planning
  • Full-service design and development
  • Complete digital marketing support
  • Quality Assurance testing

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There is no universal solution for your needs. Our team works with our customers to become experts on their requirements and processes to ensure we recommend and deliver the right solution.

Scott Storlie, Spyder Trap Operations Manager

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