Social Media Marketing

The Right Channels. Relevant Experiences. Meaningful Conversations.

The average American spends nearly 40 minutes each day on social media channels alone. But, the rules and regulations of social media evolve constantly, and the way we communicate has never been more complex. There is a mountain of data available on interaction, and it's nearly insurmountable. That’s why Spyder Trap invests in constant learning and real-time social monitoring and listening.

Orthology Social Campaigns 

Our social media strategy contains three major pillars: Social advertising, content development and community management. Before we can employ any of these tactics, we do our homework. Big time. We start all social projects by developing unique brand positioning, tone of voice, as well as pinning down consumer demographics and targets. Benchmarks and goal setting are crucial at this stage. We then develop an action plan for communicating with, capturing and keeping your desired audience interested and engaged. When it comes to social media marketing, Spyder Trap is platform-agnostic. Wherever your customers play, we will too.

Using a combination of strategy, monitoring, engagement and reporting, our team can build community and interest around nearly any service, product or organization. To partner with Spyder Trap on your next social media initiative, click here.

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest marketing
  • Paid advertising strategy and management
  • Social media monitoring and listening
  • User research and community management 
  • Content and campaign development 

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Why Social? Social media goes beyond lead generation. The engagement fostered in each channel builds equity, informs, inspires and brings consumers to action.

Lauren Gaskill, Spyder Trap Content Strategist