Search Engine Marketing

Spyder Trap focuses on search engine marketing (SEM) services to deliver superior, measurable results.  Getting your business to acquire targeted website traffic, relationships and conversions from search engines results on Google and Bing add to your bottom line.

Google search marketing

Our Search Marketing Approach

Too many businesses jump into search engine marketing services and implementation without really understanding what they want to achieve.  Spyder Trap begins with the development of a search marketing strategy, and then creates a search strategy that best plays to the desired results.

Once the goals and strategy are defined, we produce the needed search marketing services and elements to reach the needed audience.  Success in search engine marketing is about the details and thoroughly understanding the consumer process in researching online.

Spyder Trap is well versed in:

  • Business to consumer search marketing
  • Business to business search marketing
  • E-commerce search marketing
  • Local search marketing

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