1. How can a new player in the app market make a splash and jumpstart its brand?

Spreadfire came up with the idea for the pDuties app because it could solve a need that they faced personally: finding enough time in their busy schedules to make sure their pets were properly taken care of when more than one caretaker was involved. They came to Spyder Trap to take this app idea from its alpha stage into a beautiful, fully formed and branded iOS application. Spreadfire was founded with the goal of making people’s lives a little bit easier, and needed Spyder Trap’s help to make pDuties the cornerstone of that ideal. 

2. Creating a new brand and a new measure of app success.

Spreadfire came to us with the goal of providing hassle free and consistent pet care while keeping pets healthy and loved. That real world goal didn’t translate into the traditional key performance indicators of other app projects. Most want an app designed to keep a user engaged for as long and often as possible. By contrast, the pDuties pets and owners are served best with quick task execution. The app needed to be designed to provide time-savings, which meant the fewer in-app clicks the better. Additionally, since this was the first project from Spreadfire, the designs needed to be beautiful and ready to showcase as a brand superstar on day one to stand out in a crowded app market.

3. Solution: A beautiful iOS app designed for user intent

Using their expertise, through collaboration with Spreadfire, our design team developed a logo and branding guidelines to match their desired ‘sleek and clean’ look. With a branding roadmap in hand, a thorough discovery allowed the team to craft the optimal user flow to cut down on clicks and meet user intent. Our design team accomplished these efficiencies by reducing distractions and designing clearly defined calls to action. The easy to use nature of the app does not mean a lack of complexity and planning. Our team made sure to make provisions for future expansions in scope and functionality in the app designs. The original phase was designed to leverage iAds to build revenue, but it was also designed with future subscription models in mind. With the design and functionality, Spreadfire now has a beautiful app in the Apple App Store that can grow along with the company. 

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