1. How Can a regional Retailer with brick and mortar locations grow digitally?

L&M Fleet Supply is a retail chain with multiple locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin focusing on hunting, camping, sports, household, home improvement, farm and automotive products. Adding to a 50-year history and stores spanning more than 70,000 square feet of physical retail floor space, L&M launched its first ecommerce website in 2010 to bring its mission of “quality at a discount” online.

2. Finding users where they live to Build ecommerce sales from the ground up

Providing L&M customers with the ability to purchase products directly from the website was a move in the right direction. But simply having the ability process online sales isn’t enough to drive growth in sales. L&M was brand new to the ecommerce world, and as a result, brand new to promoting their products online. L&M came to Spyder Trap to provide that digital expertise and collaborate on a roadmap for generating revenue through their website.

3. Solution: Develop key efficiencies at every point in the conversion path

Spyder Trap has been managing L&M’s digital growth through search engine marketing since 2010. At the start of our partnership, since L&M’s online selling was new, Spyder Trap had a blank slate to formulate a winning strategy. In collaboration with L&M’s team, our digital marketing experts launched and managed extensive pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, redesigned landing pages and optimized the customer checkout process with the goal of driving trackable revenue.


35.48% increase in total ecommerce revenue year-over-year.


21% decrease in average cost-per-click (CPC) year-over-year.


6.62% increase in average dollars per order year-over-year.

4. Outcome: Continual growth in Revenue and ROI through Search Engine Marketing

Our partnership with L&M has seen growth in all our key performance indicators since its inception. Now six years into our partnership, Spyder Trap continues to find ways to optimize L&M’s pay-per-click campaigns from leveraging seasonal surges to incorporating new ad extensions and bidding strategies. L&M now has a brand that can reach much further than any of their physical locations and has the ability to scale to new heights every year. 

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