1. How can a leader in B2B ecommerce solutions translate the expertise they provide to their clients to their own digital brand?

As one of the top B2B ecommerce providers for manufacturers and distributors, Insite Software has built a strong reputation with clients. In 2014, Insite came to Spyder Trap to help take that reputation to the next level through a new website. Even though Insite had been providing excellent ecommerce solutions to clients, its own digital presence was less established and they faced strong competition from larger, well-known, industry players like IBM and Oracle. With Spyder Trap’s expertise, Insite hoped to grow its digital brand to match and eventually go above and beyond those big players. 

2. Discovering opportunity in the gap between perception and reality.

When Insite Software came to us, they were ready for an image change. Their website didn’t match up with the premium service they offered clients. The site was dated, lacked interaction and was unable to provide a quality mobile experience. Another unique challenge was finding a way to effectively communicate to the complex and diverse decision makers that Insite had to sell to online. It seemed as though no two sales processes were the same. The main question that we needed to help Insite answer became — how can we design a website that will stand out without sacrificing the clarity of capabilities that decision makers need at every stage of the decision-making funnel?

3. Solution: Provide a responsive website designed specifically to serve Insite’s premium positioning. 

The solution called for three things: Design that would stand out in a strong competitive landscape, clarity of core capabilities and flexibility to have control over content. Our design team and search engine optimization (SEO) strategists balanced best practices and innovative techniques to meet the first standard — including advanced interactive features not present in any competitor sites.  To ensure clarity of core capabilities for decision makers, our content strategists worked closely with Insite to develop user flows driven by personas and targeted content. From there, our designers incorporated interactive and dynamic features to optimize the user flows in a way that wouldn’t distract from overall business goals. The final piece of the solution, flexibility, was met by building a responsive site on an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). In the end, this CMS would give Insite full control over their site with minimal training.


9.75% increase in total sessions versus 6-month period prior to launch


14.09% increase in organic sessions versus 6-month period prior to launch


4.98% increase in organic conversions versus 6-month period prior to launch

4. Outcome: A premium digital presence to match Insite’s premium market positioning.

The new responsive website gives Insite a hub to convey its premium offerings to anyone at any time — and the targeted user flows allow users to take control of their site experience and find the information they want when they need it. Even though the site design is much more creative than its previous version, Insite didn’t have to sacrifice function for its cool design, finding the balance needed to meet all of the project’s goals instead of just a few along the way. It’s the foundation they needed to outshine the shadows of the industry giants.

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