1. How can an insurance broker with ongoing program enrollments create a streamlined and scalable solution?

Hays came to us in 2015 with a defined challenge accompanied with unclear solutions. The company needed a way to serve its clients better and faster. Hays was interested in a partner who could do more than just provide a solution—they wanted the best solution. Spyder Trap’s task was to discover that solution and implement it in a way to serve Hays’ current and future business goals. 

2. Taking the time to get to know every step of the process, the client and the user.

Hays’ business model relies on regular program launches of new online web portals for their clients. There are a lot of moving parts including needing a secure login, an internal communication framework, enrollment forms, API integration and much more. Their current solution for new programs required brand new front-end, backend and staging sites each with unique logins and addresses. It was taking 8 to 9 months to set up new programs and managing the data wasn’t any easier. To ensure a smooth and cost-efficient process despite this complexity, we started with an intensive discovery period. Spyder Trap experts spent time on-site at Hays’ headquarters talking with stakeholders and digging into the current process. We looked at the process from every angle to develop the best digital solution to deliver on Hays’ expectations.

3. Solution: Design an easily replicated process with an integrated and standardized backend.

The solution required two key elements: responsive website templates and a QuickBase backend integration. Hays has three main program umbrellas that newly enrolled programs fall under. Designing and developing custom templates for each allows Hays to quickly launch new programs. And, the user-friendly designs make it easy for users to find the information they need. The second piece is an efficiency game changer: the QuickBase integration allows Hays to manage their vast amounts of data in one simple platform. Reporting used to consist of manually combining data from across platforms, but the centralized platform allows for fast and automatic reporting. The consolidation into one robust backend structure frees up Hays to do so much more with their resources. 

4. Outcome: Cutting down on time and effort with a highly-scalable solution for a growing client base.

With several successful launches of new programs in 2015, Hays and Spyder Trap will be partnering on an additional 24 to 30 new programs in 2016. As the process continues to tap into its designed scalability, new program onboarding will be cut down from 8 to 9 months to just 30 to 60 days. Another significant time-saver is the ticket management process setup in the newly integrated backend. We’ve removed a complicated process and provided an easy path to ongoing solutions.

Along with the incredible process efficiencies, the program users will also have an improved experience. The responsive web portals provide on-demand access to insurance documents and new enrollments on any device. That on-demand access, coupled with automated emails and central reporting, has made communication smoother for both Hays and the user. From beginning to end, we’re making Hays’ processes easier, better and more efficient.

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