1. An application to improve prenatal care

Unfortunately, fetal and perinatal mortality rates and risk factors are staggeringly high in the United States, when compared to other developed nations. In 2014, the Yale School of Public Health began testing a group care model designed to fight these trends. After preliminary tests, Yale tapped United Health Group and Spyder Trap to add a layer of technology to the experience. Using this group model as a base, Spyder Trap developed a digital platform that would help expecting mothers experience full-term, healthy pregnancies. 

2. How can an app help expecting mothers?

For the past 15 years, investigators at the Yale School of Public Health have been evaluating innovative models of group prenatal care, with documented success in reducing adverse birth outcomes, including a 33% reduction in preterm birth. In 2014, with funding from the United Health Foundation and in partnership with the UnitedHealth Group, they began to enhance the model and work to bring it to scale nationally. They tasked Spyder Trap to build a digital toolkit to be part of Expect With Me group prenatal care, aimed to improve birth outcomes for mothers and babies. 

The opportunity was clear. We needed to create an application that would help Yale and UHG empower expecting mothers.


3,239 users over the first six months post launch


Users' average time per session was 9:39 for the six months post launch


Users visited an average of 9.41 pages per session for the six months post launch 

3. Solution: A powerful online toolkit for expecting mothers

After months of collaboration between Yale and UHG, Spyder Trap built a user-friendly responsive website to meet the growing demands of in-person group meetings. The platform allows pregnant women to engage in forums, online learning and log progress in between group sessions. Due to the nature of these in-person group meetings, the software continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of groups and their mentors.

Since it launched in March 2014, 500 women have enrolled in Expect With Me. Despite the fact that the program is still in its infancy, positive feedback has been consistent - especially among group moderators. Likewise, outcomes have been highly positive. With more than 12,500 pageviews in 10 countries so far, the Expect With Me website is sure to change the outcomes of low-income pregnancies by providing support and a safe community for expecting mothers. Yale is currently studying the program to evaluate the impact and scope of this effort. 

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