1. How can Social Media support in-store sales for a growing Jewelry brand?

As one of the fastest growing Jewelry brands in the marketplace, Chamilia sells sentimental charms, bracelets and beads. In 2014, they came to Spyder Trap looking to grow their social media channels, increase community management efforts and support high-volume seasonal sales efforts. An initial project challenge was Facebook’s new algorithm, which favored sponsored content over organic posts. This made activating fans on Facebook more difficult. In addition, Chamilia sought to develop a social ROI. They wanted to see social media drive sales. As we journeyed through discovery, one final challenge emerged: brand sales tended to be seasonal. We needed to find a way to activate a social audience to take real-life action, in limited windows of time.

2. How can lifestyle topics be leveraged to foster meaningful conversations?

We already knew social media would provide immense value, especially with such a highly engaged fan base. Utilizing marketplace best practices and innovative content strategy, Spyder Trap had garnered huge success for many past clients using both organic and paid social media marketing tactics. When compared with the brand’s traditional marketing efforts, paid social campaigns quickly proved a more reasonable spend for Chamilia. Our experience with these emerging advertising platforms provided us with a distinct advantage against competitor jewelry brands.

Several audience-based opportunities became obvious as we chipped away at client research. Most interestingly, Chamilia’s community of enthusiastic shoppers loved giving feedback and sharing ideas with the brand team. When given opportunities to communicate directly with customer service and Facebook community managers, women were simply thrilled. Therefore, we knew two-way communication and ongoing dialogue would add distinct value. So, the next question was, what could we talk to our audience about that meant more than product? And how could we then link that value to products? It was in answering that question that we found our biggest opportunity: Leveraging highly relevant lifestyle topics that allowed the brand to act as a conduit for conversation about the most important moments in our audience’s lives.

3. Solution: Reach the untapped consumer, drive sales and build brand awareness with creative campaigns

The solution was twofold. On one hand, we provided ongoing social maintenance that included a mix of organic lifestyle posts, paid boosts, a series of giveaways and community management. This helped us reach, engage with and capture new fans. In addition, we developed several creative campaigns to support seasonal sales. These included consumer-generated content campaigns such as, ‘My Chamilia Creations,’ in which we tasked our fans with sharing their beautiful brand creations with the entire social community. During Mother’s Day specifically, we developed a creative campaign supported by targeted social advertising dollars that garnered the fastest growth the brand had seen via social media, to date. In three weeks time, we had managed to reach, capture and promote store-specific sales among more customers than the brand had been able to reach via social media in previous years combined. These campaigns took a healthy balance of content strategy, design, social advertising and community management. This effort included the following: 


11 million impressions for creative campaign over one month


8,157 goal completions for users with purchase intent


3,000 individual entries for product giveaway campaign

4. Outcome: Social Media Slam Dunk

After the work was completed, Chamilia had captivated a huge audience. We helped the brand gain more than 15,000 new Facebook followers, millions of post impressions and thousands of brand interactions. When comparing how much more these results would have cost from a traditional media perspective, the social investment was a slam dunk. And unlike a thirty second TV commercial - whose audience we'd be unable to track - our impressions were among new fans, who we continue to cultivate a relationship with and collect data on. The company now engages with more consumers than ever via social media. They continue to cultivate an enthusiastic and loyal audience based on the innovative strategies implemented by the Spyder Trap Team. 

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