1. How can a new website help AllWhites compete in a crowded, protein-crazed marketplace?

AllWhites Egg Whites approached us as a highly successful, natural egg product brand that had grown significantly in the past few years. Despite successful grocery-based sales, the brand had also seen increased competition from other egg substitute brands, protein powders and a slew of protein-infused products. As a part of our collaborative discovery, the team at Crystal Farms and Spyder Trap decided that together, we would build an online presence that would help overcome competition and propel AllWhites toward category leadership.

2. Do consumers understand protein? 

In our discovery phase, we uncovered a mountain of data about athletes and aspiring weight loss candidates, who were traditionally the core audiences for the brand. We found that both athletes and weight-conscious adults increasingly sought nutrition, exercise and health advice online. And there was no shortage of information out there, both good and bad, on egg protein and protein in general. In searching for clinical studies and hard numbers on what sets egg protein apart from soy, whey and others, our team of content strategists discovered that there were few reliable online resources about protein, in general. The truth about different protein types had been drowned in a sea of protein powder promotions, brand claims and diet fads. Therein was the opportunity.

In digging through the client’s marketing research, we learned that our current users understood the immense benefits of AllWhites as a fat-free, cholesterol-free and low-calorie protein source for both athletic and weight-loss pursuits. In contrast, our digital discovery and competitive analysis revealed that a vast base of potential users didn’t understand these benefits, largely due to the proliferation of misconstrued information and inaccurate promotional protein content online. Therefore, the big opportunity for AllWhites as a brand was to build a trustworthy online protein resource for consumers looking to reach their peak athletic ability, or lose weight. By providing a balanced perspective, recipes and holistic resource on all protein types, the brand effectively differentiated itself from the all of the noisy conversations online about protein.


A digital properties audit and audience research to determine what had worked in the past for the brand, and which direction we needed to push for future success.


Scientific research, content strategy, design, wireframes, UX and content development to meet the growing needs of an increasingly complex audience.


Responsive web development, parallax implementation and thorough quality assurance to ensure complex experience translated on all necessary browsers and properties.

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