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The last decade has provided a plethora of new and exciting digital marketing mediums. Despite this fact, email marketing is still the ROI leader. Email marketing, when combined with strategic targeting and custom content, is a highly effective tactic in converting customers. Whether B2B or B2C, our custom email platform can help businesses attract, retain and convert users. SpyderMail is robust email platform, allowing for list segmentation, responsive email sends, A/B testing and much more.

Email Marketing

Our research has consistently shown that users who arrive on websites via email marketing are more likely to convert, when compared to users who arrive via social media. But don't take our word for it. Industry experts agree, email marketing is powerful and here to stay. If you're ready to start maximizing your marketing ROI with an experienced email marketing service provider, contact Spyder Trap to learn more about our robust platform.

Our Email Marketing services include:

  • Automatic list management, custom fields and 100+ ready-to-use integrations
  • Advanced segmentation and campaign automation features that are straightforward to use
  • Flexible A/B testing, dynamic content, and built-in design scanning help you deliver top results.
  • Beautiful, intuitive reporting that helps you understand campaign performance at-a-glance
    • Includes our popular real-time report, Worldview.

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Why Email Marketing? Email marketing is unfortunately often overlooked. When you do it right, you win. Recent studies have shown that nearly half of all recipients have made at least one purchase based on a promotional email in the last year. In the B2B space, around three-quarters of buyers are most likely to share relevant content via email. There's no doubt email is powerful when leveraged well.

Aaron Weiche, Spyder Trap COO

SpyderMail platform includes:

  • Email campaign creation and marketing strategy
  • Custom e-letter designs
  • DIY online account management or full service
  • Subscriber list building and management tools
  • Full tracking of campaign performance (opens, clicks)
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Spam filter testing features for best delivery
  • Integrated email sign-up fields on your website
  • Email client testing for more than 15 email clients (Outlook, iPad, Mac, etc.)