Top Search Marketing Trends for 2016 from Spyder Trap

The Top Search Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016: The Ever-changing SEO and PPC LandscapeDecember 14, 2015

In our first of the 2016 trends, we looked at the year ahead for social media. Social media is a quickly evolving segment due to heavy competition and a constant influx of new entrants. This week we’re going to look at the top search… Read More

MnSearch Summit 2015 logo

Future of Search: Open Content, Context, Mobile + MillennialsJuly 03, 2015

A Recap of the MNSearch Summit from the Spyder Trap Search Team Written by Erin Greener, Chris Hamilton & Tom Sullivan


Local Search History, Present and Future Represented at LocalUpFebruary 12, 2015

3 Takeaways From LocalUp Event Marketers Can’t Ignore Seattle-based online marketing giant Moz and Local University partnered last weekend on the first ever LocalUp Advanced event. The event was a convergence of the top minds in local search and local online marketing, and attracted… Read More


Weekly Web Picks- Vol. 31October 24, 2014

This week’s picks are in! Check back each week for news on all things digital and tweet us @Spyder_Trap to share what you’re excited about in the world of digital marketing and technology. 1) Bing Ads Rolls Out Universal Event Tracking Bing Ads has developed Universal Event Tracking, a way to… Read More


Technology Snapshot: BeaconsApril 10, 2014

Beacons are one of the hottest items in technology today. Due to both the increasing number of local applications and improved accuracy of mobile targeting, it’s no surprise to see the likes of Apple, Estimote and PayPal using beacons to improve location services. Image license: Estimote©… Read More

Google Gives Clarity On Responsive Web Design And Mobile SearchJune 13, 2012

Mobile web design and mobile search are hot topics for many businesses, and Google provided some great clarity on how they treat these topics at the SMX Advanced conference I attended and presented at in Seattle last week. Google Recommends Responsive Web Design For… Read More