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Why Company Culture Matters: Spirit Week 2017March 30, 2017


Spyder Trap Spirit Week 2k17

A few months ago during my initial job search, I came across a blog post that caught my eye – a detailed account of a company-wide ‘spirit week’. This gave me pause; I knew that some companies highly valued their culture and did their utmost to provide resources for their employees, but the concept of a company spirit week was unique to me. I clicked on the link. I was provided with a detailed account of why company culture matters in your work environment.

Fast forward to today, and I am currently working at the company that, at first glance, seemed exactly like the type of working environment I wanted to be a part of. And not only am I now a part of the Spyder Trap team, I now have my first Spirit Week in the books, and it is every bit as enticing and fun as I had thought it would be.

When we break up our day-to-day routines and get a little goofy, we come together as a united force, revitalized and ready to take on the hurdles that come with being a digital agency. Our (unofficial) motto at Spyder Trap is ‘work hard, play hard’, and whether that play be devoted to board games, yoga, or bloody mary bars, we like to think we know how to have a good time. So every year, our internal planning committee puts on their thinking caps and plans a week chalk-full of bonding activities and tasty treats, throwing in a few dress-up days for good measure.

Monday – Breakfast & pajamas

To really get the ball rolling on Spyder Trap spirit week 2k17, several members of the team came to work early to whip up some breakfast for our weekly all-team meeting. We devoured pancakes, waffles, and bacon in short order, all from the comfort of our desks in footie pajamas and slippers.

Spyder Trappers in their Monday morning best after the all-team breakfast meeting

Tuesday – Video games and board games count as real sports….right?

While some of our Spyder Trappers were comparing their company March Madness brackets, others were donning their Pokemon t-shirts (guilty as charged) and settling down for a few rounds of Codenames (a boardgame that is quickly emerging as a Spyder Trap favorite). In addition to wearing our favorite jerseys and gamer tees, several members of the team stayed after hours for games and an adult beverage.

Spirit Week Day 2 - Game Day
Jerseys and gamer tees, we have a mixture of both

Wednesday – Log out. Shut down. Do yoga.

Yogurt bar in the morning. Salad bar in the afternoon. And yoga in between. Day 3 of spirit week was all about wellness and self-care; the perfect point in the week to unwind, relax, and focus on our health. So, with some downward dogs and warrior poses under the non-existant belts on our yoga pants, we clasped our hands together and breathed a collective “Namaste”.

Healthy snacks and sun salutations
Healthy snacks and sun salutations

Thursday – Strikes and gutter balls.

Somewhat of a Spyder Trap spirit week tradition, the team took a trip to Uptown’s Bryant Lake Bowl for some strikes and more than a few gutter balls (80% of them thrown by yours truly).

Ben and Justin were kind enough to stand in as my bumpers for a few rounds
Ben and Justin were kind enough to stand in as my bumpers for a few rounds

Friday – Dress like a Spyder Trapper day & mimosas. All of the mimosas.

To finish off the week, we brought back a crowd favorite – a mimosa and bloody mary bar. They had us seeing double – not in the literal sense, but because it was also ‘Dress Like A Spyder Trapper’ day! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and what better way to show our fellow co-workers that we appreciate them, than to walk around the office as their look-alike?

Nailed it
Nailed it

As you can imagine, we all had a blast, and got to engage in some excellent team building along the way. If you’d like to see all of the photos from Spyder Trap Spirit Week 2k17, head over to our Facebook page and Instagram account (spyder_trap). And hey, if spending a week hanging out with your co-workers seems like an appealing idea, check out our available careers and consider joining the team! As they say, the more the merrier.

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