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Content Strategy Minneapolis Meetup: Buyer PersonasMarch 20, 2017

The Twin Cities has always been home to creatives and marketers alike, and in typical Minnesota Nice fashion, they aren’t shy about coming together to network and share their ideas. Enter Meetup, a website organized around the concept of bringing together people to pursue, explore, and learn about topics that matter to them. On Tuesday, March 21, Spyder Trap will be the focal point for a conversation about content strategy, and more specifically, the importance of buyer personas.

Two of our Spyder Trappers, Zach Coulter and Kasia Wasko, will be facilitating a conversation that will lead attendees through the deconstruction of buyer personas. Zach and Kasia will unpack the utility of buyer personas, the creation of them, and assess how buyer personas as an essential component for a marketer’s toolbox.

So get to know our Spyder Trappers and sign up to attend the Content Strategy Minneapolis Meetup! We’ve attached links to their blogs so that you can get a better idea of their expertise before the event. We’d be happy to have you in our space!


Zach Coulter – Digital Marketing Strategist

Zach Coulter is a Digital Marketing Strategist with Spyder Trap. Zach has a widely varied background ranging from construction and real estate to dog food and standup comedy. He loves building personas that help our clients create content that is focused and authentic.


Kasia Wasko – UX Designer

Kasia Wasko is a User Experience Designer with Spyder Trap. She has worked professionally for several years and has taught UX at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Kasia focuses on building experiences around best practices, business goals, and user needs. She utilizes personas to build empathy and advocate for her clients as they adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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