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CEO Mike Rynchek Receives The (Real) Power 50 AwardMarch 15, 2017

Recently, our CEO Mike Rynchek was selected to receive Minnesota Business Magazine’s The (Real) Power 50 Award – a tremendous honor that recognizes key players in the Minnesota business community for their ability to allow their company and employees to flourish.

Although I have only been with Spyder Trap for a few months, it is easy to see that Mike cares deeply about volunteering, building our staff, and collecting a host of memories that contribute to a timeline of success. As a leader, he has instilled within his organization the desire to strive for excellence, and has promoted enthusiasm and innovation every step of the way. He takes the time to show clients he is on board with their mission, and showcases Spyder Trap’s commitment to go above and beyond with our projects.

But success is not instantaneous – it is built over time. These milestones are a small part of what makes Mike deserving of his most recent honor.

Spyder Trap was founded in March of 2008
Served on the ADA Leadership Board in January of 2010
Guest appearance on Mashable in June of 2010
First appearance in MN Business Magazine in the year 2011
Volunteered on the Minnesota’s Star Gala Committee in 2011
Spoke at the mHealth Summit in February of 2012
Moved to the current Spyder Trap’s office in November 2012
Awarded the 32 Under 32 Award from AdFed MN in May of 2013
Married his wife, Terryn, in June of 2014
Served as a guest speaker at the University of St. Thomas in June of 2014
Named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Semi-Finalist in February of 2015
Awarded Minnesota Business Magazine Young Entrepreneur in July of 2015
Named the Leaders In Health Care Champion in August of 2015
His daughter, Evelyn, was born in November of 2015
Served as a mentor and advisor from 2008 to present
Awarded Minnesota Business Magazine's The (Real) Power 50 Award in February of 2017
Awarded Minnesota Business Magazine’s The (Real) Power 50 Award in February of 2017


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