Social Media Case Study: Part 1 of 5, From the Bottom of the Freezer to Top of Mind

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This post is the first in a five part series called “From the Bottom of the Freezer to Top of Mind” that provides a social media case study for a national brand that entered the realm of social media in 2013 with no prior presence. See Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5 here.

Michelina’s is a nationally-distributed frozen food brand based out of Minneapolis, but had no social media presence before coming to Spyder Trap in late 2012. Through a combination of new responsive website design, paid online advertising and organic social media engagement we were able to not only establish the brand on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, but were able to make the brand relevant in a crowded digital space.

Setting The Social Media Table: The Challenge We Faced

When Michelina’s came to us late last year, we knew two things. One was that they didn’t have a lot of digital assets or existing social channels being utilized. While Facebook pages and Twitter profiles seem ubiquitous nowadays, Michelina’s had no social media presence whatsoever.

Two was that their traditional marketing efforts were also in more of an infancy stage. We knew that creating and optimizing those digital channels was a priority, but would also be a long process that we couldn’t launch overnight or without being part of their bigger story being told.

Michelina’s is a nationally-distributed frozen food brand based out of Minneapolis, but had no social media presence before 2013.

Michelina’s is a nationally-distributed frozen food brand, but had no social media presence before 2013.

One big piece that we felt was in our favor was Michelina’s had just undergone a complete rebranding that our social media team took part in. The rebranding covered everything from visuals to tone and brand positioning, with a focus on positivity and sentiment. This new branding would have to factor in heavily in whatever strategy we developed, but we understood it extremely well from being part of the process.

Pro Tip:  Involve your social media teams or vendors in any and all of your brand activities!

Measure Twice and Cut Your Social Media Strategy Once

Before jumping in and creating the social media strategy, we had to take time to research the brand and answer three questions initially:

  • Where is the brand at online?
  • How do they measure up to competitors?
  • What is the brand looking to achieve with social media?

After an exhaustive digital audit, we discovered that a lot of social conversation was already happening about Michelina’s product online, and those conversations were not being leveraged at all. We also found that much of the conversation was very polarized, with large numbers of positive and some negative sentiment across Twitter and Instagram especially.

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Lastly, while Michelina’s was new to social media, the same could not be said for their competitors. All of their top competitors had very established audiences on Facebook well before Michelina’s had even claimed a Facebook page. Twitter was slightly less competitive, though most of the other brands had Twitter profiles with thousands of followers.

Case Study Part One Recap:

1. It’s never to late to get started!
2. Do your research, listen and get to know every element of the brand, the audience and the playing field before forming your strategy and voice.

Up Next In Part Two

In the next post in this From the Bottom of the Freezer to Top of Mind series, I’ll dive into how we took our research and collected data and turned it into a digital strategy. Also, I’ll cover how successful that strategy was and whether or not our holistic digital approach paid off.

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