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Analyzing Mobile Website Traffic With Google AnalyticsSeptember 25, 2013

Just like the Sleep Number bed had everyone asking “what’s your number?”, the growth of mobile website traffic has everyone looking at their percentage of traffic from mobile devices.  The time has come though to go deeper than this high level look at mobile traffic share and dive into just exactly what that 5%, 15% or as much as 50% are doing.

Using Google Analytics Custom Dashboards To Analyze Mobile

Custom dashboards in Google Analytics are a great way to quickly segment and focus on specific types of traffic and behaviors on your website.  We created a mobile and local dashboard to share with you to get you started on understanding your mobile web traffic.

mobile GA dashboard

Our Google Analytics mobile dashboard looks at:

  • All traffic by device
  • Total mobile visitors
  • Mobile goal completions
  • Top mobile content/locations (*you’ll need to change the URL for your site structure)
  • Mobile traffic referrals
  • Organic mobile keywords (until Not Provided is 100% … soon)

Download The Google Analytics Mobile and Local Dashboard

Craving More GA Dashboards?

If you want to further into customizing your data and dashboards a couple of other Google Analytics dashboard resources are:

  • brangen

    Great presentation on mobile & mobile sites at MN Search last night. Everyone should be segmenting behavior and performance metrics from mobile users. Dashboards such as this one will make that extremely easy to view and receive reports frequently.

  • Will Dolezal

    Thanks for the dashboard! Interesting to hear about the similarities between SEO strategies for mobile and ‘desktop’ at MnSearch’s SearchSnippets and the absence of any mobile-only search tricks.

    • AaronWeiche

      Thanks Will and you are very welcome for the download! Good luck.

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