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2013 Marketing & Technology PredictionsJanuary 22, 2013

We’ve had a few weeks to settle into 2013 and peek into our digital crystal ball at Spyder Trap. Experts from our team have weighed in to provide a variety of marketing and technology predictions for the upcoming year covering social media, search, design, technology, mobile, analytics and more.

2013 digital marketing predictions


Our predictions for 2012 had some gems, like one of developers nailing a gaming and tablet integration. (I’m stealing your Crystal ball Joe Barhorst!) Many outlined predictions in mobile and apps last year and 2013 are no different.

2013 Predictions

Development – We will continue to see more and more schema-free (nosql) data stores, new and innovative ways of mining said data sources and even more of a focus on an API-driven development in which RESTful web services continue to play a huge role. Front-end technologies (namely JavaScript libraries) are continuing to advance at a rapid rate so expect far more client-side interaction in 2013 as well.
Nicholas Kreidberg, Developer

Analytics – Everyone has data, but few know how to interpret it into actionable ideas that push them and their client in a new direction. We’ll see more agencies tout their data and analytics skills or partners; more data-specific shops will appear overnight and be acquired just as quickly.
Nate Knox, Search Marketer

Social Media –  Photo-sharing becomes hotly contested with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Google all making huge strides late in 2012. This will lead to a lot of new features and changes in 2013 as each service looks to gain more users and traffic.
Steve Retka, Social Media Coordinator

Social Media - Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, etc. finally got a proper name in 2012 with Native Advertising. I expect that advancements in targeting advertising and sponsored messages through these channels will become significant this year and ad spending will grow.
Jeff Gerst, Account Supervisor

Search Marketing –  Marketing departments start seeing the advantage to content marketing and having all forms of content to be the “front door” to their business. Blogging and whitepapers will still have value, but image and video creation, layered with optimization, is what will rank and gain attention in the crowd of search results.
My Prediction – Aaron Weiche, VP

Business – As the US comes out of a recession, I predict a large number of start-ups fueled by the increase in entrepreneurs. With large acquisitions and IPO’s, there has been a bubble of geeks with good ideas who have gained the liquidity to chase their dreams. The technology sector is also swelling with new tech that came out recently and hasn’t yet been turned in to marketable products.
Perry Govier, Innovation Lead

Design – I’m predicting more experimental layouts and interfaces now that we are getting past the desktop standard (1024 x 768). You’re going to be seeing a lot more experimental design standards that are focused around touch interaction.
Shaymein Ewer, Creative Designer

Technology - Cloud convergence and integration will see strong growth. With the adoption and adaptation of cloud services, devices (mobile and otherwise) will begin moving away from local storage and start relying on the cloud for regular storage, back-ups and document sharing. This capability leads to a new breed of lightweight devices that relies less on internal storage and is packed with a ridiculous amount of processing power pushing the limits of what can be done on the web.
Travis Smith, Project Manager

Technology – I think we will see a longer hardware lifespan as costs increase and companies have more invested in a single product.
Travis Manick, Developer

Technology - App and hardware integration will continue to evolve past current devices. 2013 will be the year we’ll see a big push in devices that will monitor our activities, sleep, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. These devices will talk with our cell phones and will allow us to better monitor our successes, failures, health, etc. API’s will allow devices to open data to multiple apps.
Cory Vandenberghe, Social Media Manager

Technology - The connected living room (smart TV, media center, integrated mobile devices) will become more mainstream, but it won’t work as well as it should.  Incomplete licensing deals between content creators, content distributors and device manufacturers will continue to plague us throughout the year; people will continue to be frustrated when they can’t use the HBOGo app on their Samsung Smart TV if they are an Xfinity subscriber, for example.
Demian Brink, VP of Client Service

Mobile – With the growing popularity of local/mobile search and social activity, I expect to see businesses use geo-location services more predominantly in 2013.
Daniel Hollerung, Search Marketing Manager

Mobile – Mobile wallet like Google Wallet and mobile banking will see significant growth with mainstream acceptance.
Barb Vanags, VP of Finance

– Mobile will begin to be the first thought when a business owners wants a new website – followed by the desktop version.  This will continue the push for developers and designers to become experts as HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive.
Travis Neiderhiser, Development Team Manager

Mobile – More companies will look at mobile technology as a necessary utility to do business, across all departments, not just marketing. Custom mobile applications will serve as a foundation for supporting job functions in sales, project management customer service and operations.
Jeff Nolan, Account Executive

Mobile – Mobile commerce takes hold. Using mobile devices, it will be even easier to satisfy the desire to shop. Made popular by cutting edge grocery stores in Asia, these interactive virtual shops will start to show up everywhere and you can snap a QR/bar code and instantly purchase items through an e-commerce mobile site. And to make it even more exciting, there will be “pop-up” shops with exclusive limited-time products.
Rebecca Toth, Director of Account Services

Apps - A shift from Native apps to Web apps is here. I predict that within the next year mobile phones will pass up PC’s for use of the Internet. With this, I think we’re going to see a major shift in companies creating Native Apps and will expect to do more with their Web Apps or mobile websites. With more advances in HTML 5 & other technologies we’ll be able to design for more complex & creative interfaces.
Jeff Wagner, Creative Director

Apps – More people than ever before will become technology-motivated as mobile and tablet apps and devices continue to appify even the smallest of every day tasks. Don’t be alarmed when you find your grandma cooking a meal with step-by-step tablet instructions or that notoriously computer-illiterate family member shopping for groceries by influence of an app awarding them ‘points’ because they shopped a specific food category.
Joe Barhorst, Developer

Apps – App numbers and popularity will undoubtedly increase this year, but I think “companion apps” (apps created by manufacturers to accompany/support their products) will start to become more of the norm and a larger point of differentiation for tech saavy consumers when they’re deciding which brand to buy.
Nick Bryant, Director of Client Strategy

What’s Your Digital Future?

Do you have a prediction to add to ours for 2013 in marketing and technology? Share yours in our comments!

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