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If You’re Not Testing Testing, You’re Testing FailureSeptember 18, 2012

I know, a little extreme with the title, but you get the message.  Testing in online marketing is a staple for successful search, social and email campaigns.

Test A/B online marketing

The “why” of testing is very straightforward, to customize your online marketing for the best results.  Internet marketing is a fluid approach that enables you to measure, evaluate and refine your tactics based on their success or even lack thereof.

It’s important to realize every theory and test will not be a winner, but it will add to your list of what doesn’t matter or what not to do.

If you are looking to start testing, the “what” is your next logical step and let’s look at 3 common online marketing tests to strengthen your digital marketing.

3 Online Marketing Tests

1. Every page is a landing page. Realize that every page in your website is a chance to capture a lead, acquire an email address or generate a purchase.  Take your most visited pages and start testing different calls to action (CTA).  You may want to test where you place your CTA, the message of your CTA, or the button color.

2. Email marketing. Good old email marketing is still under-utilized by many companies.  Email marketing allows you to test subject lines, email content, CTAs, list types and more.  There is really no end to what you can test with email marketing.  If you need a starting point, go with subject lines and see how you can improve your open rate. If your current email service lacks the ability to A/B test any of these, talk to us.

3. Social media content. Test various types of social media posts. Be smart and set-up a solid social structure to understand what types of social content drive engagement. Do you experience more engagement when you post photos? Links to content? Humor? Facts? Discussion topics?  Knowing the right way to craft your messaging for social strategies is often half of the battle.

Testing Reminders

Before you open a new tab in your browser to start your journey as a testing guru, keep these general rules of testing in mind.

1. Only test ONE thing at a time. If you change up more than just one, you’ll never know which change contributed to your success or failure.  Testing the headline and the CTA on your landing page at the same time will only confuse you and damage the data.

2.  Have a definitive winner. Make sure you set the success metric and align it with the variable.  For example, if you’re trying to increase conversion rates on a landing page and decided to test the effect of using a short video on the page, then your success metric must be conversion rate and the tested variable will be the video as content.

Your hypothesis then will be “Having video content on the page increases the conversion rate.”

3. Document your tests. From the forming of your theory to the analytics produced in your test, document your tests.  This allows you to review past tests, never repeat the same ones and bring new or additional team members quickly up to speed.

Good luck in mapping out and implementing your next online marketing test and then many to follow.  As always, if you need the guidance of a professional, reach out to Spyder Trap and we’ll be ready to help.  This was not a test.


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