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Grow Your Facebook “Likes” With A Fan GateSeptember 06, 2011

Grow Facebook LikesOnce a business or organization joins the social marketing world on Facebook it usually leads to the next common question.  How can I gain more “likes” of my page?

Creating a Facebook fan gate can help boost your Facebook “likes” and community numbers. Let’s look at what a fan gate is, how it helps and a few recent examples we’ve worked on at Spyder Trap.

What’s A Fan Gate?

A fan gate is essentially a “gate” through which a new visitor must pass before they get to view or engage with your Facebook content. To get through this “gate” the visitor must first decide to “like” your page.  This concept is also referred to as a “like gate” or a “reveal page”.

By using an iFrame to pull in PHP code from a separate site you can create a fan gate within your Facebook page.

Why Should You Use A Fan Gate?

A fan gate creates an incentive for a visitor to click your “like” button.

If a new visitor is interested enough in your company, restaurant or organization to get to your Facebook page wouldn’t it be nice to remind them to “like” the page in order to continue to stay connected?

What you don’t want is for that interested potential client, donor or constituent to visit the page once, read the content and then forget to come back. Boo! Wasted opportunity!

The fan gate, through its very obvious reminder, will increase the likelihood of that individual becoming a fan for a long time. Do note that the gate does not restrict access to other areas of your Facebook page, a user can always click on one of the other pages on display to the left of the main content area.

Fan Gate Examples

Spyder Trap recently launched two fan gates for a couple of our clients.  The early results show a solid increase in “likes”.

WA Frost and Company

Facebook fan gate example WA Frost

WA Frost saw a 136% increase from the week prior for “likes” when their fan gate was introduced.

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Facebook Fan Gate Childrens example

After one week of having the fan gate and a supporting “like us” ad campaign, Children’s saw their “likes” increase by 91% compared to the previous week.  Children’s is now nearing 5,000 who like their page.

Facebook Fan Gate Tips

So now that you know what it is and why it’s a good idea to use one, here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a fan gate:

1.    Tell the visitor why they should want to “like” the page. On your fan gate, in a few words, let them know that liking the page will give access to special offers, news, tips or other information your audience is interested in. Really consider your audience to maximize this incentive.  A great example is The New Yorker who knew its readers would be interested in liking the page if they were offered access to a to a fans-only short story, so it used a fan gate to tease the content.

2.    Visually tell the visitor what to do when they land on the page. Some use arrows pointing at the “like” button others may use the “like” button in the copy as we did for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

3.    Consider running a “like” Facebook Paid Advertising campaign in tandem with your new fan gate to increase the number of new individuals visiting your Facebook page, encountering the gate and liking the page.

Big Brand Examples

There are endless big brands utilizing fan gates currently.  From Diet Coke to Macy’s to the Chicago Cubs, big brands are experiencing success in building their audience and reach with fan gates.

Do you have a favorite Facebook fan gate or have you created one for your business on Facebook?  Drop us a comment.

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