Digital Way Finder: Working In Digital RecapApril 28, 2017

On April 27th, devoted Twin Cities professionals flocked into our office space, to escape the typical Minnesota spring freeze, the road construction, and to hear from our expert panelists about all things digital! Since not everyone could be with us to soak up the… Read More


Managing Your Online Reputation: Social Media Breakfast RecapApril 21, 2017

How many of you read reviews on a restaurant before you eat there? Or research a product before you purchase it? Or even browse Glassdoor reviews before interviewing at a certain company? We all know why online reviews are important: they’re one of the… Read More


The Pets of Spyder Trap: National Pet DayApril 11, 2017

You’re probably already aware of the humans that work at Spyder Trap, but we’d be nothing without the ‘paw’fessionals that gives us the extra support we need to get the job done. Sometimes, they work from home and other times, they come into the… Read More


Working In Digital: Digital Way Finder Panelists AnnouncedApril 07, 2017

Last year, we hosted some of the best and brightest of Minnesota’s digital and tech culture for our Digital Way Finder: Digitally Made In Minnesota. But this time, we’re digging a little deeper and touching on the subject at the crux of our careers: what… Read More


Why Company Culture Matters: Spirit Week 2017March 30, 2017

Spyder Trap Spirit Week 2k17 A few months ago during my initial job search, I came across a blog post that caught my eye – a detailed account of a company-wide ‘spirit week’. This gave me pause; I knew that some companies highly valued… Read More


Building Buyer Personas: Content Strategy Meetup RecapMarch 28, 2017

Persona So Great-a We are very fortunate to have a great event space here at Spyder Trap. We use it for our team, for our clients, and for industry groups in the area. So, when I heard that the Minneapolis chapter of the Content… Read More


Content Strategy Minneapolis Meetup: Buyer PersonasMarch 20, 2017

The Twin Cities has always been home to creatives and marketers alike, and in typical Minnesota Nice fashion, they aren’t shy about coming together to network and share their ideas. Enter Meetup, a website organized around the concept of bringing together people to pursue,… Read More


4 Tips For Adding Humor Into Digital StrategyMarch 17, 2017

Who ever said that people don’t like a good laugh? We’ve been told that laughter is the best medicine, the secret to a greater longevity, and the reason for my crow’s feet at 26-years old. Laughter is an immediate icebreaker and a quick way… Read More


CEO Mike Rynchek Receives The (Real) Power 50 AwardMarch 15, 2017

Recently, our CEO Mike Rynchek was selected to receive Minnesota Business Magazine’s The (Real) Power 50 Award – a tremendous honor that recognizes key players in the Minnesota business community for their ability to allow their company and employees to flourish. Although I have… Read More

3 Lessons For Digital Marketing Leaders

3 Lessons For Digital Marketing LeadersMarch 10, 2017

To pursue a career in digital, taking the time to seek out quality leaders is incredibly important. Leadership is defined not by how much power you can assert over others, but how you support and develop the people you manage so that they can… Read More

Sketch to Photoshop

Making The Switch To Sketch From PhotoshopFebruary 27, 2017

Transitions can be painful, time intensive, and costly. Especially when that transition impacts the workflow of a five person design department that relies on a piece of software to create complex and elegant UX/UI designs. Photoshop has been the cornerstone of our production workflow… Read More


The Risks of Relying on Digital Marketing Best PracticesFebruary 24, 2017

All good digital marketing and technology solutions are designed to meet the ultimate business objective: make the company money—with hopefully at least a pinch of social responsibility and moral fiber thrown in. Best practices are designed to help achieve that growth and have “been… Read More


Navigating Crisis Communication For Social Media #smbmsp97February 17, 2017

Social Media Breakfast gathered a group of industry professionals to illustrate the importance of navigating crisis communication for social media. A true crisis is a rare thing. It’s easy to think of a negative comment getting over 10 shares as detrimental to your business… Read More


The 5 Step Guide to Getting Value From EventsFebruary 15, 2017

Attending events in your field allows you to build professional connections, expand your knowledge base and serves as an opportunity to generate content for your business.   There are infinite ways to extract value from event attendance, whether it be through building connections with… Read More